In the last blog post, I’ve mentioned that I’m working as a part time barista at a cafe currently, and the problems that I faced when I just started. Well, after one and half month working there, much more problems coming out. Customer services,short of staffs,food & beverages quality and many more. It’s normal to … More LOW EFFICIENCY


FAMILY Dad and Mum Brothers and Sisters staying with you for years but they don’t know you well and you don’t know them well quarrels here and there irrational and disrespectful but please bear in mind parents are the one who brings you to this world siblings are the one who grows up with you … More LIFE


Chances are everywhere,they’ve always been created. Some people take the chance, some miss it. Have you ever think that how many chances had gone in your life ? People always regret for not utilizing their chances.They regret for not putting much efforts in studies;for wasting their time;for spending less time with their families & loved … More WAIT,WAIT & WAIT