In the last blog post, I’ve mentioned that I’m working as a part time barista at a cafe currently, and the problems that I faced when I just started. Well, after one and half month working there, much more problems coming out. Customer services,short of staffs,food & beverages quality and many more. It’s normal to have all these problems, but what makes me pissed off all the time is because of our management, their super very low efficiency in taking action to solve all these problems.

We have no lids for take away hot beverages for about a month. When customers came, some pissed off. Of course they will, especially for those who came regularly, just imagine when you’re holding a paper cup which full of coffee but without lid & you’re rushing for class or work. Imagine when your drinks split out and dirty your car. Why not they just go to others cafe and spend same amount of money to buy a take away drink with lid ?

Our cafe has less choices of food because our kitchen is small & we only have two chefs. The ridiculous part is, there were always up to four or more items of food not available in one day. So far there are ONLY 15 choices for food in our cafe, what customers have to order if the available one are not their preference ? It’s not because that our chefs lazy to cook, it’s because the problem of our cafe with the suppliers. Our cafe owed many debts to all these suppliers, maybe our cafe really earns no profit or our boss just like to keep the money in his own pockets ?

Last month, the toilet seat in the washroom has been broken by one of our regular customer. (Wtffff,we’ve no idea how could she broke it, too fat maybe ?) And of course, we informed our manager once we found it. But still not yet fix until now. Haizzzz. Many customers have complaint to us. Few days ago, one of the regular customer wrote down a note on a paper then passed it to me, asked me to pass to our management. It’s about the services that she is not satisfied with & toilet seat is one of them. She used to come to our cafe with her boyfriend and always stayed for long hours to do their works. Imagine you have to sit on a broken toilet seat to piss or shit, not comfortable at all !

Most of our staffs are students, so they can only work for short hours. Our manpower are very limited, so sometimes we’ve to work alone. It’s kinda exhausted when you’ve to work alone during peak or busy hours. What makes me unhappy is our boss & manager don’t even offer a help to us. The worse thing is they even ask you to make some drinks to bring up to their office upstairs when you’re super busy. STUPID lah. Are they blind ????

There are many more problems but I think need to stop here. Too much negativity & shit things in this cafe. I’m trying my best to make good services & good sales. But our leaders never set a good role to us. Cover their ears & eyes. Pretending that they know nothing. Always procrastinate. Really disappointed with the management. I’m the person who have a strong sense of responsibility even though I don’t really have to do or care that much. Stupid but this is my personality.

Will take this as a challenge from god. I can sense that more obstacles are coming through. STAY STRONG !


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