the problem

We face many problems in our daily life. Some can be solved easily but some are not. To me, there is always a way to solve every single problem, all depend on how you look into your problem.

I started to work in a cafe as a part time barista since last month. In the last few weeks, I faced some problems in my current working place. I can’t get used to the new environment, so I did some mistakes but I think it is common for every new staff. The biggest problem is that I can’t get used to the new coffee machine there. I can make a espresso but I can’t make a perfect steamed milk. I can’t froth the milk in correct way which turned out to be a thick foam of milk or even no foam for the milk, as a result I can’t make a nice latte art, and the coffee texture sucks. I was really frustrated as I can’t make a good cup of coffee. At that time, I felt like I was not qualified to be a barista.

Because of my bad performance, I was not asking to be a barista in the first few days, which means that I can’t make coffee for customers. I was arranged to learn how to be a cashier and service crew. I was unhappy because what I want to do is to make a good cup of coffee but I can’t do it.

Life will not always go as planned. Instead of keep feeling down, I chose to move forward. I believed that there will be a chance for me to do what I want. In the first week, I learned all the basics about the cafe’s flow i.e , the menu, the drinks, the stocks, the cashier system, the services. Whenever I’m free, I will take time to practice my coffee skills.

And right now, after a month, I’m able to handle all the jobs. I can be a barista, a cashier and a service crew. Most of our staffs are short term part timer, so sometimes I have to work alone as we are really out of manpower. It was tiring when you have to work alone especially during the peak hours, but I enjoyed it. They trust me now, they won’t doubt my ability as the first day I came.

The problem is not problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem. Be strong enough to face all the problems, be determined to solve all the problems.


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