Dad and Mum
Brothers and Sisters
staying with you for years
but they don’t know you well
and you don’t know them well
quarrels here and there
irrational and disrespectful
but please bear in mind
parents are the one who brings you to this world
siblings are the one who grows up with you together

normal friends,good friends and best friends
more to less
normal friend says hi and bye
good friend says how are you
best friend says nothing but stay with you
best friend always give good advices and encouragements
one day
may be parted because of distance
but our hearts will always stay together

meet each other by chance
get to know each other by choice
love each other by decision
do not rush
do not miss
prepare yourself
right person right timing
if destined
time won’t change anything

something that you like
something that you are passionate about
try your best to make your dream comes true
take action
enrich yourself with all those knowledge
don’t give up easily
it doesn’t matter how long you take
success is worth to wait

ups and downs
happiness and sadness
all the obstacles
make your life meaningful
be satisfied with what you have
be grateful that you are still alive
live in every single moment
do whatever you want to do
you only live once


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