Chances are everywhere,they’ve always been created. Some people take the chance, some miss it. Have you ever think that how many chances had gone in your life ?

People always regret for not utilizing their chances.They regret for not putting much efforts in studies;for wasting their time;for spending less time with their families & loved ones;for being scared to socialize with people……

Tomorrow,tomorrow & tomorrow. They always say that they will do something afterwards. People like to procrastinate or maybe they are shy,no confidence. They are scared of failures.

BUT what will be tomorrow ? What if tomorrow is going to be the end of the world ? What if you’re going to die in the next second ? Anything may happen which we’re unable to predict.

The reason that I’m writing this blog is because of my friend. He had a crash on a girl for about two years already. The problem is he never try to tell the girl about his feelings as he feels that it’s not the right timing. He needs more time to prepare himself. And one day, the girl told him that she is paktor-ing with a guy….a heart-broken news to him,but what he can do is just accept everything. He can’t blame anyone,he is the one who let go all the chances.

If there’s a chance,just try to do what you want. If the outcomes is not on your side,just treat it as a experience,at least you try for it,that’s the most important thing. Never try never know !


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