Be passionate on what you love to do


After a very long time (around 2 months) without posting new blog,have been too busy for the previous months (excuses)… WELL,I’m back !  “PASSION” ,this word came across to my mind when I was thinking what to write.


Yeah,so “PASSION” means a strong feeling or emotion on something,desire for something,ones who will do their best to achieve what they want. It’s very important to know what you are passionate about as you only live once. But somehow in my country, many of them especially the teenagers, they have no idea on their future plans (same goes to me), maybe they think that it’s okay,still young OR they know what they love to do but have been restricted by their parents and reality. In majority, parents will always ask their children to study all those professional courses like medicine,law,engineering & etc which are highly esteemed by societies and have a high paid income.

I know sometimes REALITY can beat everything but just make a comparison. If you can make your own choice, will you choose what you’re passionate about & take all the risks or just give up all your dreams & live for a tedious life forever ?

It’s never too late to achieve your dream. It takes time,money,energy,courage and determination. Make preparation,enrich yourself,be humble to learn,stay strong to accept all the difficulties,get ready & just GO AHEAD !!! If success,keep it up; if failed,don’t be frustrated and try again.

I’m glad that I’ve found what I really passionate about & I know I’m not able to do it right now,but at least I’m preparing myself for it.


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