Have you ever witness a cat die in the middle of the road ?  I did experience this incident.

Few days ago about ten in the morning, I was like usual driving to work. After the traffic light, I saw a white thingy lying on the middle of the road. I only realized it was a cat after getting nearer, with its eyes closed…… “What the f**k !!!” ,that was my first reaction. It was a heartbroken view. I wanted to save it but I can’t because there were cars at my back, I had nowhere to stop my car. My brain was blanked at that moment, praying that someone could give a helping hand. But now I regret already, I think I could do more at that time, I could just park my car further away and run back to there, maybe I can save the cat, save a life, but it’s too late already. Sorry….

Who’s fault ? Some people may blame the cat,but I will blame the irresponsible driver. If the driver can be more alert,the cat will not be knocked down. If the driver is responsible, he or she will bring the cat to the veterinary clinic immediately. Maybe they think that it is just an animal, not a human. Hey, it is RIDICULOUS ! They are a living thing too.

This kind of mindset need to be removed. We,as a human being, the greatest creature of GOD should take care of them. All they need is our loves.


Some people may avoid themselves from approaching the dogs and cats.
Few reasons :
1. Dislike them
2. They are dirty especially stray dogs & cats
3. They will bite people
4. They will lick people
5. Their furs may cause allergy

It is acceptable that some people do not like the dogs and cats but ANIMAL ABUSE must be halted. Every time I watch the video about the animal abuse , I really want to kick their ass off !!! I understand that violence is not the way to solve the problem. In my opinion, the most fundamental way to stop animal abuse is by EDUCATION . Why this issue will occur ? The reason is these kind of people are abnormal and uneducated. We need to teach the children, become their role model, take action to save the animals’ life.

These two can be considered as my pets XD. They came randomly from somewhere, then just stay at my house now. The yellow one a bit bad ass and proud. He likes to bite people but we still very sayang him. The kitten just came to my house last month (maybe it is his son ? ). At first, he was really scare of people, always hide himself under the car. It took lots of time and patience for me to approach him. And now, he will always come to my side and play with me.

To me, they are a good companion. It’s great to spend my time with them. Hopefully I can adopt a dog in the future also. I know it’s not easy to take care of them. Once you decide to take the responsibility, just try your best. Shower them with love, care about them, feed them, play with them, wholeheartedly.


I know many people prefer to buy a dog or a cat rather than to adopt them. In fact, most of them were abandoned by their owner. If we could adopt them, they can be saved from euthanasia. This means that they will have a new beginning of life.

The video above shows that the dog is trying to approach the Down Syndrome’s kid. It is so touching. They never judge who you are, then why we should judge them ?


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