Is it very strange when you see a girl is playing football ? Well, if you think in that way,you are a bit out-dated. It is great to see that the number of female players around the world increased day-to-day,but if compared to the amount of male players,there is still a complete contrast. WHY ? Maybe it is because some of them think that it is a tiring game as female’s physical strength is weaker than male in general. Girls also think that soccer is not suitable to them.

Yeah,different people might have different perspectives.To me, I think soccer is very challenging as well as interesting and I like it so much. I started to play soccer like 2 years ago during my college’s life. At first, I never thought that I will get in touch with football in my life. I rarely see people playing football in my hometown as it is not so popular in east Malaysia. In west Malaysia,you will be able to see people playing football frequently as long as there is a field to let them play.

I was lucky to have classmates who like to play football during my college’s period. But most importantly,they were willing to teach me patiently who was totally a newbie,how kind they were =). Slowly, I know more and more about football such as the rules,teams,players…..

I miss football gaogao T.T

At the same time,I started to watch live football matches like Premier League,Champions League,FA Cup and so on. For your information, the most popular one is the Premier League. Weekends are always the awaiting moment for me and also all the football fans because the PL are usually played on weekends.

ROCK CAFE is the place where my friends & I were watching the matches last time. I still remember the first match that I had watched was Arsenal VS West Ham United,but I can’t remember which team won the match (should be Arsenal). Really enjoyed watching the matches especially with friends.We used to shout when there was a goal scored,chit chat during the break time,make jokes when someone’s favorite are losing,eat suppers like burgers,satay,rojak,maggi goreng,roti canai,teh ais………..Arghhh,all these are like it just happened yesterday.

As a football fan,which team do I like ? The answer is ARSENAL ! #COYG#GUNNERS but why ? Hmmm, I also don’t really know,I just followed my heart.When they win,I feel happy;when they lose,I feel damn sad but still supporting them. I wish I’m able fly to London in the future to watch a real live match in the Emirates Stadium,home of Arsenal football club. Just imagine the atmosphere in the stadium,full of Arsenal’s supporters,try their best to cheer,definitely a spectacular sight !

Wonderful moment for lads & fans

And now I still love football very much as it brings lots of fun to me. One of the unforgettable experience is my face was struck by a football ( you know who you are ==). Luckily I still alive haha.

Too much stories on my first blog,S-O-R-R-Y……AND TOMORROW IS WEEKEND AGAIN


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